My dear friends! I do not speak French well, and may not understand some complicated issues written in French, so please write English if it is possible. If not, do it in French, I will try to translate it

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Bonjour et bienvenue sur le Wiktionnaire,

J’ai eu l’occasion de remarquer que, au moins deux fois, le résumé d’édition généré par l’outil d’ajout de traductions, a été incorrect ([1] et [2]). Auriez-vous une idée de la raison de ce dysfonctionnement (les autres ajouts de traductions semblent correctement commentés) ? Vous avez peut-être ajouté puis annulé ces traductions une ou plusieurs fois ? Autre chose… ? Ces questions dans le but peut-être d’améliorer le comportement de l’outil.

Merci et bonnes contributions, — Automatik (discussion) 16 août 2014 à 23:13 (UTC)

Hi! I will answer you in English, if you do not mind, since my written French is very pour for now.
I am quite sure that I've given the right translations: étonner, hisser
I've used several dictionaries to check, and also make sure that this word is properly used in a French book that I am reading now.
If you tell me more about this tool you've used may be we can find out why it gave wrong result.
Sorry for English once again, If you have a problem with it, I can try writing French, and you will see how terrible it is :-). --Nataraj (discussion) 18 août 2014 à 06:42 (UTC)
The question was not about the accuracy of your translations, but about the curious behaviour of the tool You used. This is a problem wich interested the writer of that tool. He wanted to know if You had cancelled one or more times your contribution before to enable it, or if You remarked something unusual in the tool's behaviour. --Pjacquot (discussion) 18 août 2014 à 07:02 (UTC)
Ah. I see :-) I've used the tool via Android browser on a very slow GPRS connection. It behaved like buttons do not work, so I pressed buttons several times. May be it may lead to very strange result. When I understood that the problem is in slow connection speed, I stopped pressing buttons several times. I think that the right decision for a tool is make all buttons disabled immediately after any button is pressed and only after that do any server connection attempts. This will prevent us from case when button is pressed again while some operation is in progress. Or add "operation in progress" flag in code. Or better both :-) --Nataraj (discussion) 18 août 2014 à 07:14 (UTC)
Thanks for your answer, I think it’s a good idea, but I do not reach to put it in place. — Automatik (discussion) 19 août 2014 à 15:23 (UTC)



I've seen your comment on Pamputt's dialog page. The title mammifère was here to dintinguish the meaning animal from tes other meanings, wich are probably better translated by other words than those which designate the animal proper. --Pjacquot (discussion) 21 août 2015 à 08:23 (UTC)

  @Pjacquot : As far as I can guess title of {{S|traductions}} should have sense without looking at the other part's of article, if it is possible. Just mammal explains nothing. I found that out, when I was trying to fix Russian translations. I still not sure, may be there is some mammal specie that is called bœuf, and I do not know about that. But it there would be written castrated bull, it would leave no doubts, and I would be sure that my translation is 100% right. --Nataraj (discussion) 21 août 2015 à 10:25 (UTC)


Hi Nataraj,

I wonder why you have replaced kazakh entry by tatare entry since I can find адым in several kazakh dictionaries with the meaning of pas (step) and also this entry was added by an user who knows well this langage. Thanks for your help. — Unsui Discuter 1 mai 2016 à 19:11 (UTC)

  @Unsui :, First I asked a question to my friend, who is native Kazakh speaker, about something I was interested in these words, but he answered me that адым is not a Kazakh word at all:
 Кадам (шаг) это в идинственном числе кадамдар (шаги ) в множественном числе
 Адым это ошибка в значений шаг
So I checked with Russian wiktionary and find out that адым is Tatar and Karaim word. So I desided to change language of адым article form Kazakh to Tatar.
I guess that you dictionary have a mistake. First I think you should find a native speaker to whom you trust and check this word with him, and second may be find an address of that dictionary author, and write him, so fix this error if future releases.
Does this have any sense to you? --Nataraj (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 09:19 (UTC)
Ok, thanks for your explication. Since I dont know these languages, I’ll just notify the author of this entry so he could check it. Thanks a lot. — Unsui Discuter 3 mai 2016 à 09:39 (UTC)

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