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*** Writers Needed ASAP ***
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(*** Writers Needed ASAP ***)
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Based In Las Vegas, Nevada we are a company looking for qualified individuals to help out writing tasks such as:
-Short Stories
== {{langue|fr}} ==
-Movie Scripts
-Sales Scripts
: De l’{{étyl|en|fr|mot=thread}}.
-News Feeds
-Blog Posts
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-Magazines Writing
# {{informatique|fr}} {{anglicisme|fr}} Synonyme de ''[[processus léger]]''.
-PR Websites
-Sales Receipts
* [[exétron]]
* [[fil d'exécution]]
Job Duties Include:
* [[processus léger]]
* [[unité de traitement]]
-Draft and create consumer content for lifestyle and health related websites
* [[unité d'exécution]]
-Create projects for blogs and other new media
* [[fil d'instruction]]
-Research new products and services with the relation to the consumers
* [[processus allégé]].
-Brand messages with reaching a large online audience
== {{langue|en}} ==
: Du {{étyl|enm|en|mot=threed}}, ''[[þred]]'', issu de l’anglo-saxon ''[[þræd|þrǽd]]'', [[ðræd|ðrǽd]]'', issu du proto-germanique ''[[thredu|thrēdu]]'', lui-même issu de l’indo-européen ''treh₁-tu-'' dérivé de ''terh₁'' (frictionner, tordre).
You’ll have the opportunity to work big name companies and popular websites in several niches from news, geography, biology, sports, entertainment, travel and lots more.
# [[fil|Fil]].
-Highschool Graduate or GED qualified with an interest in writing for blogs, stores, and other publications
# {{info|en}} [[activité|Activité]].
-Experience in Journalism, English, Communications or other related fields
# {{technique|en}} [[filet|Filet]] d'une [[vis]] ou d'un [[taraudage]].
-Strong written communication skills with ability to proofread effectively
-Ability to manage multiple projects
-Experience with Microsoft Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
'''thread''' {{pron|θrɛd|en}} {{t|en}}
# [[enfiler|Enfiler]] (ex : Le chas d'une aiguille).
This is a part-time and full-time job, depending on your availability. Hours are flexible from 10 to 50 hours per week.
# Passer à travers une série d'obstacle.
Travel is not required. Pay is discussed via communication after application process.
* {{pron-rég|États-Unis <!-- précisez svp la ville ou la région -->|θrɛd|audio=En-us-thread.ogg}}
Please email jobwritings@gmail.com with your full name and resume. We will contact you shortly after within 24 hours.
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