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: (pardon my reply in English; I can read French fairly well, but writing is difficult) I am working now on testing it with all of the wikts (that I can); it had been written without being concerned with the policies and differences other than the English wiktionary's policy. At this time I'll be seeing if I can get bot flags in various places. Perhaps it can just be run from the toolserver or devtionary for all the wikts? [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 26 janvier 2009 à 17:50 (UTC)
: It has reached the test limit on fr; it will do a maximum of one every two hours from now. With a bot flag it will do everything it finds. (I have no idea how one gets bot flags other than on the en.wikt ;-) Also: I will be putting the code from the last few days up for review (stealing ;-) in my user pages in en.wikt at some point. [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 26 janvier 2009 à 17:56 (UTC)