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: Yes, I have flags on most of the big wikts, including fr. Sometimes I have to make edits on 20 or 30 different wikts for one title. ::I'm looking for titles that have lots of mismatched links, either missing or not symmetrical. And watching recent changes on all the wikts. Ullmann, he watches me work. [[Utilisateur:Interwicket|Interwicket]] 11 février 2009 à 16:48 (UTC)
:::It seems to have slowed down at lot, Spacybirdybot is adding more interwikis than Wicket is. [[Utilisateur:Mglovesfun|Mglovesfun]] 19 février 2009 à 21:35 (UTC)
:::: Oui, I am debugging a new control sequence. Should be faster, once it stops failing ;-). The objective is to catch all mossing links, not just those on pages that already have links or are new. And integrate into one task. In the meantime, birdy can do some ... [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]]