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(→‎300,000 iwiki links : nouvelle section)
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== 300,000 iwiki links ==
Bonjour ... as of 14 Feb, Interwicket shows 525,000 entries across all the wikts with one or more links, and also one or more missing. Of these, 80K were in the fr.wikt. Of all entries (including those with no links at present), there were some very large number, with 300,000 of them in the fr.wikt (the next largest is vi.wikt, with about 80K needing iwikis).
The autonomous process (<code>mbwa.py</code>) will eventually find and update all 300K entries in the fr.wikt, but it will take many months. I was thinking of running the process used on the en.wikt (and sv/sw/no) with frwikt as "home". It reads the XML and the indexes and systematically updates everything in order (links from and to the home wikt).
It would take some days to run, and would update all 300K (or whatever it is now); it will also correct the iwiki order in the entries modified. What do you think? [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 25 février 2009 à 02:50 (UTC)