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(→‎Interwicket and typographic apostrophe : is the broken no-link-to-redirects "policy")
:: Yes, this is the only wikt to use it. (English) QWERTY keyboards only have ' (and, amusingly, `) but not ’. It seems very odd to me to use RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK for an apostrophe... (Yes, in rendering/typesetting. But in ''content''? ;-)
:: See [[:en:User:Interwicket/Redirectsredirects]] for a discussion of this and many other issues. The English wikt links to redirects, but here the default is as it was, to not link to redirects, however useful. (Gerard was adamant that linking to them was somehow wrong (?), and unilaterally imposed that attitude on all the wikts while running RobotGMwikt.) There are quite a few cases of differing conventions between wikts; it isn't possible to compensate in code, it would involve a large and endlessly growing series of exceptions and special cases. (;-)
:: Also by using the redirects the local convention for any given entry can simple be changed around at will.