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::::But I agree that allowing interwiki links to redirects helps to solve this issue. [[Utilisateur:Lmaltier|Lmaltier]] 28 avril 2009 à 06:55 (UTC)
::::: Pardon me, but my family was in the printing business, and I grew up learning this. I've run a Linotype. It has (second row from the bottom in the center section, usually blue keys :-) a character (font matrix) called "quote", and one called "apostrophe". These are used in combination to set single and double quotes: <nowiki>`` '' and ` ', and apostrophe '</nowiki>. They are represented in ASCII (decimal 96 and 27), with a double quote character (22) ''added'' (not removed to reduce the number of keys) so as to provide reasonable rendering in monospace fonts. (which is all there were on computers ;-) The Unicode/ISO standards then misrepresented "left single quotation mark" (96, `) as "grave accent", and added a spurious "right single quotation mark" (U+2019) saying that should now be "apostrophe" as well (!). Which results in the lousy presentation <nowiki>`` '' and ` ', and apostrophe '</nowiki> in some fonts (including here). But the US and British standards specify (27, ') as apostrophe, and real typesetters like the Linotype and the optical film replacements for the Linotype set apostrophes (code 27) correctly, with the glyph you call a "typographical apostrophe" ... (;-). Enough history? All of which is off the direct topic, which is how to make the redirects work, as you say. [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 28 avril 2009 à 11:15 (UTC)
::::: (I'll also point out that I did all my schoolwork on a Royal Deluxe manual made in 1926, and have thousands of hours on an ASR 33 Teletype, so I know how those code sets fed into ASCII etc. ;-) [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 28 avril 2009 à 11:28 (UTC)