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Voir [[meta:WM:IW-WIKT]] [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 28 avril 2009 à 11:35 (UTC)
: I must say that I'm not a specialist. I misunderstood you: I thought that you were explaining that ’ was the normal character in French and that ' was the normal character in English. What I wanted to say is that the apostrophe character is the same in French and in English, which is very clear when you read books. You may disagree with Unicode/ISO, but we have to do with this standard, as we use it. I don't want to enter into theoretical considerations (I'm not competent), I only want to ensure that readers printing Wiktionary pages get a good result. [[Utilisateur:Lmaltier|Lmaltier]] 28 avril 2009 à 13:11 (UTC)
:: As you note, the problem is that the screen fonts don't display (27, apostrophe) correctly (it should ''look'' like the ''glyph'' for right single quote) so people (not just fr.wikt!) (mis-)use U+2019 to the point where it becomes "preferred". (Oddly, the windows console screen font does it correctly!) A fine mess. I'm not suggesting fixing the fr.wikt (or the fonts), just getting the redirects to work. Can we allow links to redirects ''from'' fr.wikt? [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 28 avril 2009 à 16:44 (UTC)