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Identity of title should only apply in mainspace. I realize that the /voir pages (e.g. [[am/voir]]) are technically in mainspace, but they function as an appendix, for which the English variations pages (e.g. [http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Variations_of_%22am%22 Appendix:Variations of "am"]) are the closest equivalent. The links between these pages are, therefore, useful and should be kept. Cheers! [[User:BD2412|<font style="background:lightgreen">''bd2412''</font>]] [[User talk:BD2412|'''T''']] 7 juin 2009 à 06:32 (UTC)
: As you say, these are appendixes; they should be moved out of main namespace. Given the way they are used, they could and should simply be moved to Template (Modele) namespace. [[Utilisateur:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 9 juin 2009 à 12:54 (UTC)