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Wiktionnaire:Actualités is a monthly periodical about French Wiktionary, dictionaries and words, published online since April 2015. Everyone is welcome to contribute to it. You can sign up to be noticed of future issues, read old issues and participate to the draft of the next edition. You can also have a look at Regards sur l’actualité de la Wikimedia. If you have any comments, critics or suggestions, our talk page is open!

Actualités - Chronologie

This description of the steps followed by Actualités participants is a guide for new people to facilitate their participation and inclusion in this collective work.


First day of the month
  • Publication of the previous edition.
During the month
  • scouting the press (through Google News or Qwant News), mainly for the use of key word "Wiktionary" to track reuses and mentions of the project.
  • scouting the scientific papers (through Google Scholar), mainly for the use of "Wiktionary" as a topic of research.
  • writing of the articles.
  • invitations to the contributors for a participation on a dedicate topic (co-writing) or for a general participation.
After the 20th of the month
  • Update on stats based on the page made by Unsui.
  • Update on the quantity of pictures in the project with a request on the dump.
  • Illustration of the edition, with pictures picked in Featured pictures, Photo challenge, in a project (like Wiki Loves...) or in someone's collection.
Last days of the month
First day of the month, last minute operations
  • Update for Questions sur les mots stats (just a note on section quantity).
  • Addition of the link to the Wikidémie section about LexiSession.
  • Global check and proof-reading.
First day of the month, publication
  • Renaming of the page for publication, shaped 000-month-year.
  • Addition of the new edition in the summary and translation of this subpage into English and Spanish at least.
  • Addition of the new edition in the list of edition in Wiktionnaire:Actualités and translation into English and Spanish at least.
  • Publication of a notice in local Wikidémie (with {{Actualités}}, plus the abstract), in French Wikipedia Bistro (with Template:Actualités du Wiktionnaire or by a copy-paste of the last one), Facebook and Twitter.
  • Message in Framabot page to ask for a mass message for registered people.
  • Personal message for registered people outside of French Wiktionary and French Wikipedia.
Next steps for the future
  • Start the translation
  • Addition of eventual tag for the translation
  • Initialization of the draft of the next edition by a deletion of the redirection and a copy of the basics sections from previous editions
  • Debut of the next edition: fixing dates for stats and correction of the LexiSession topic (at least)
Before the 10th (ideally)
  • Publication of English version and notification in the Beer parlour.