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  1. 40 en chiffres romains majuscules.

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(Nom commun) Sigle de extra large (« très grand »).
(Nom propre) (Marque commerciale)

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XL \ˌɛks.ˈɛl\

  1. (Textile) Très grand (surtout utilisé pour les tailles de vêtements).
    • “Sizes within the chains vary a lot, for example I just tried on two shirts in Vero Moda, one in size L and the other in XL. The one in L was bit too big, whereas the XL was too small. The same applies to H&M: the sizes vary a lot and I have clothes from M to XL from there.” — (Large?: Clothing Sizes and Size Labeling, Nordic Council of Ministers, 2009, ISBN 9789289318068, page 76)

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XL \ɪk.ˈsɛl\

  1. (Argot Internet) Abréviation de Excel.