all in all



 Composé de all (« tout »), in (« dans ») et all (« tout »), littéralement « tout dans tout ».

Locution adverbiale Modifier

all in all

all in all \ˈɔlɪnˌɔl\ invariable

  1. (Idiotisme) L’un dans l’autre ; tout compte fait
    • The site of the destroyed bunker had been cleared in the name of tidiness, and the island converted to a rescue station, from which a crashboat might respond to an aircraft accident. That had required building a concrete quay and boathouse and refurbishment of the two remaining bunkers. All in all, the island had served the local economy, if not the federal budget, well, until the advent of helicopters made crashboats unnecessary, and the island had been declared surplus. — (Tom Clancy, Without Remorse, 1993.)