fourth brain

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De fourth (quatrième) et brain (cerveau).

Locution nominale Modifier

Singulier Pluriel
fourth brain
\'fɔ:θ 'bɹeɪn\
fourth brains
\'fɔ:θ 'bɹeɪnz\

fourth brain \'fɔ:θ 'bɹeɪn\

  1. Nom dont on qualifie parfois le cœur.
    • Incidentally, I recently learned that the heart, with its 30,000 neurons, is now considered to be the “fourth brain” because there is neurophysiological proof of what poets, mystics, and ancient tradition have always asserted: the heart, not the brain, is the center of our being and is capable of “knowing” on an emotional and intuitive level of its own. — (site