Forme de verbe Modifier

Temps Forme
Infinitif to record
\ɹə.ˈkɔɹd\ ou \ɹɪ.ˈkɔːd\
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
\ɹə.ˈkɔɹdz\ ou \ɹɪ.ˈkɔːdz\
Prétérit recorded
\ɹə.ˈkɔɹ.dɪd\ ou \ɹɪ.ˈkɔː.dɪd\
Participe passé recorded
\ɹə.ˈkɔɹ.dɪd\ ou \ɹɪ.ˈkɔː.dɪd\
Participe présent recording
\ɹə.ˈkɔɹ.dɪŋ\ ou \ɹɪ.ˈkɔː.dɪŋ\
voir conjugaison anglaise

recorded \ɹə.ˈkɔɹ.dɪd\ (États-Unis), \ɹɪ.ˈkɔː.dɪd\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. Prétérit de record.
  2. Participe passé de record.
    • In recent years, while IceT has steered his career away from recorded music, he has continued to tout his streetcred. — (Josephine Metcalf, ‎Carina Spaulding, African American Culture and Society After Rodney King, 2016)