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Adjectif Modifier

Nature Forme
Positif syntactic
Comparatif more syntactic
\ˌmɔɹ sɪn.ˈtæk.tɪk\ ou \ˌmɔː sɪn.ˈtæk.tɪk\
Superlatif most syntactic
\ˌmoʊst sɪn.ˈtæk.tɪk\ ou \ˌməʊst sɪn.ˈtæk.tɪk\

syntactic \sɪn.ˈtæk.tɪk\

  1. (Linguistique) Syntaxique.
    • However, for most new users the lack of the braces and semicolons used to mark blocks and statements in many other languages seems to be the most novel syntactic feature of Python — (Mark Lutz, Learning Python (5ème édition), O'Reilly, 2013, page 388)


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