Nominalisation du verbe work out.

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ou \ˈwɜːk.aʊt\
ou \ˈwɜːk.aʊts\

workout \ˈwɝk.aʊt\ (États-Unis), \ˈwɜːk.aʊt\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. (Sport) Séance, une période d’exercices physiques.
    • The following guidelines for smart weekly scheduling can simplify this piece of the planning: Swim three or four workouts each week. — (Jim Montgomery, Mo Chambers, Mastering Swimming, 2008, page 157‎)
  2. (Sport) Programme d’exercices spécifiques, en particulier pour atteindre un but donné.
    • If athletes do too much too soon, they will be stiff and sore 24 to 48 hours after a new workout. — (Peter Twist, Complete Conditioning for Hockey, 2007, page 170)
    • I read in another magazine about a workout that can put a whole inch on your arms in just one day! — (Mark Alvisi (courrier des lecteurs), Mark of a Champion, dans Muscular Development, no 1, décembre 2010, 47)
  3. (Par extension) Exercice, entraînement ; activité qui nécessite un effort physique ou mental important, ou qui produit une contrainte.
    • Cynthia’s phone got a workout, as well. In approximately three days since the news had hit the street, a total of five bridal showers had been booked, not to mention a luncheon at Esther Cunningham’s and tea at Olivia Harper’s. — (Jan Karon, A Common Life: The Wedding Story, 2001, page 41‎)



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