young ladies



(Formule d’appel) Cette forme dénote une supplétion car son étymologie est distincte de celle de miss.

Forme de locution nominale Modifier

Singulier Pluriel
young lady
\ˌjʌŋ ˈleɪ.di\
young ladies
\ˌjʌŋ ˈleɪ.diz\
Formule d’appel
Singulier Pluriel
young ladies
\ˌjʌŋ ˈleɪ.diz\

young ladies \ˌjʌŋ ˈleɪ.diz\

  1. Pluriel de young lady.
  2. (Vieilli) Mesdemoiselles. Formule d’appel à plusieurs jeunes filles. Note : Le singulier est miss. Aujourd’hui, ladies est préféré.
    • Good morning, young ladies.
      Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles.
    • “I am rejoice to hear it,” said the doctor, “very much rejoiced. Constantly attending upon Lady Mortlake, I have had several opportunities of observing the young lady in question. I am rejoiced to hear it! But Mr. Philip should be cautious—he really should be cautious! Good morning, madam, good morning, young ladies. You will excuse me.”
      The worthy little man left the room, and we remained gazing upon each other in astonishment.
      — (Anne Marsh-Caldwell, The Longwoods of the Grange, 1862, p. 160)