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De every day (« chaque jour »).

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everyday \ˈɛv.ɹi.ˌdeɪ\ non comparable

  1. Quotidien.
    • She wanted to get away from the everyday routine.
      Elle voulait sortir de la routine quotidien.
    • If a wavelength can be associated with every moving particle, then why are we not forcibly made aware of this property in our everyday experience? — (Allan Adams, 8:04 Quantum Mechanics — Problem Set 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 05/02/2013 → lire en ligne)

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everyday \ˈɛv.ɹi.ˌdeɪ\

  1. (Rare) (Indénombrable) Jour ordinaire.

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everyday \ˌɛv.ɹi.ˈdeɪ\

  1. Faute d’orthographe fréquente pour every day.

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