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emerge intransitif

  1. Émerger.
  2. Sortir.
    • The ground hog emerged from the tunnel.
  3. Apparaître, ensuivre, paraître, surgir.
    • Suddenly, a lion emerged from the den.
  4. (Informatique) Installer un programme par l’intermédiaire de la commande emerge.
    • Firefox depends on NodeJS (a package that I can't use on my system because it depends on OpenSSL and I use LibreSSL), so I need to emerge Firefox without NodeJS, is there a way to do so? — (
    • I'm also in the midst of emerging libreoffice and it has already taken more than 2 hours, and I can't tell if it's almost done. — (
    • Next time I emerged chromium I was working at the system when it froze again. — (


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